Mophorn Button Maker Machine

The Mophorn button badge maker kit offers features a set of dies that fit for making 44 mm button badges and comes with 1000 sets circle button parts. Perfect for making your personalized, unique and fashionable badges. Widely used for pin buttons, rope ties, key chains, bottle openers, and so much more.

Is the Mophorn Button Maker Sturdy?

The base on the Mophorn is metal which is wear resistant and durable. You can exchange the molds more precisely which greatly improves the efficiency significantly.

Is the Mophorn Easy to Assemble?

This button maker is easy to assemble as you put the top mold first than the bottom mold. Be careful when placing the bottom mold so you do not misalign the top mold.

Is the Mophorn Button Machine Easy to Operate?

Yes, Mophorn is one of the easiest button maker machines to operate. Once the molds are placed, put an iron sheet, drawing and plastic film in order on the mold and press it. Be careful not to press to hard and have the three small pillars pass through. Once everything is in place, simply pull the handle to complete the process.

Mophorn Features:

  • Diamter: 25mm
  • Opeartion way: Manual
  • Speed: 200-300 pcs / h
  • Material: Cast iron and injection
  • Simple to install and operate
  • Easy to learn and make all kinds of buttons
  • Molds are interchangeable
  • Small footprint…easy to store