Yosoo Button Maker – One of the best?

The Yosoo button press with a remarkable surface is made with top quality materials. The high-performance materials have actually made the tool resilient. Thus this maker can be used for many years to come while it maintains its features as well as performance.
A special function of this machine is the ergonomic design. This is what makes it one of the best and effective badge maker available. The ergonomic handle helps reduce discomfort, therefore conserving your energy. A lot more so, the handle is easy to use.

Yosoo Button Maker

The Yosoo button maker can be utilized to make home-made metal badges. These badges can be for political campaigns, sporting occasions, fundraisers, and even to make icons for institutions and companies. You can likewise create buttons that can work as individualized gifts for friends and family.

Its slide die is one function that allows the equipment to move the passes away a lot more accurately and additionally do quick slide procedure. Besides, this button maker has removable die. This way, you can alter sizes of badges without needing to buy a separate press each time. Journalism can fit various sizes and shapes of pins.

However, we discovered just a few failures while using this button maker kit. This can be a result of the design of the Yosoo maker. Buttons always have little or no difference when compared with expertly made buttons. Although the kit contains a cutter, it is a good idea to buy other cutters. The reason is that the cutter is not suitable for use when making lots of badges at once.

Yosoo Button Maker Specifications

  • Height: 52cm / 20.4″
  • Base Size: 16 x 29cm / 6.3 x 11.4″
  • Handle Length: 30cm / 11.81″
  • Die Size: 5.8cm / 2.28″

How much does the Yosoo button maker cost?

The Yosoo is premium button press that typically costs arounds $135 depending on where you purchase it. We will continue to post deals we find but at last check NewEgg had the Yosoo for $135.